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Nearly 100 games across 4 immersive worlds

Suitable from walking age to double digits

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What is Mini Movers?

Mini Movers puts a whole universe of fun, healthy children’s games in the palm of your hand.

In a busy world where it’s all too tempting to let apps and digital media take over your child’s entertainment, Mini Movers makes it easy to enjoy positive play every day.

You can explore nearly 100 different exciting games, all stuffed with tailored activities to support your child’s current stage of development. 

That means they’ll be building essential physical and sensory skills while jumping, weaving, laughing and screaming – anytime, anywhere!

With four rich worlds to discover and a cast of friendly characters, you and your child can pick their next adventure together and make satisfying progress towards a healthy, happy adult life.

Play is one of the most important parts of childhood. So make memories, and make it count, with Mini Movers.

How does the app work?

>   Download the Mini Movers app on your smartphone

>   Three simple questions lead to the perfect activities for you and your child

>   Move through the worlds playing easy to follow, super-fun games

>   Learn how each game supports ideal development and encourages progress

>   Have fun together and watch them grow!

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Why Mini Movers?


Here at Mini Movers, our mission is to make sure your child is getting the stimulation and challenges they need to truly thrive. 

Our app is developed by internationally recognised experts in learning and development, supported by decades of experience and a passion for nurturing.

Whether you’re looking to burn off some of that limitless energy or find something new to keep them occupied, the Mini Movers app will get them up, moving and smiling with just a couple of taps.

Rainy day? No problem. Our games are perfect for indoor or outdoor play, even in small spaces or with limited equipment.

Mini Movers don’t stop growing. That’s why we’re constantly developing new worlds and games for your children to explore, along with fresh and in-depth advice on how to help them flourish.

Physical development starts at birth

                               If you have a baby that is not yet walking…

Why use the MiniMovers App?

Created by world leading experts in child physical development.

Activities based on over 30 years of evidence

Supports health and well being.

Lays the foundations for all sports.

Builds connection in the brain and helps learning.

Mini Movers Equipment

Children need the right equipment and activities for their stage of development. Learn about equipment for supporting your child on our dedicated page