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Physical Activities Tailored to Your Child’s Development that families can play together anytime, anywhere!

Crafted by experts to wire your child’s brain, elevate learning and lay foundations for sport and a healthier life.
5 minutes a day and see your child develop in just right way!

What is Mini Movers?

Mini Movers is an App with fun 5-minute physical activities that families can play together any-time, anywhere!

In a busy world where it’s all too tempting to let screens take over your child’s entertainment, Mini Movers makes it easy to enjoy positive play and movement every day.

Play is one of the most important parts of childhood to wire their brains. So make memories, and make it count, with Mini Movers.

Why use the MiniMovers App?

Created by world leading experts

Builds connection in the brain and helps learning

Supports Physical and Mental Health

Lays the foundations for sport

Suitable for ages 1-7 years old

How does the app work?

>   Download the Mini Movers app 

>   Answer 3 simple questions 

>   Access almost 100 active games tailored to your child’s development

>   Play, have fun together and watch them grow!

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Plugging the Gap in Children's Physical Development

Dive into the fascinating insights of Dr. Nalda Wainwright on ‘Plugging the gap in children’s physical development’ on The Voice of Early Childhood podcast. Explore the critical link between motor skills and lifelong health & success!